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Solis Performance provides virtual physical therapy and strength training catered to future mamas, new mamas, and seasoned mamas. Our mission is to be a resource for women who want an active pregnancy and who want to return to an active lifestyle postpartum. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals during the remarkable journey of motherhood.

It is the mission of Solis to provide support and guidance to help clients reach their physical health goals. Solis utilizes evidence-based physical therapy practice and strength and conditioning research in order to apply the best information to assist our clients in reaching their potential. Science-backed techniques and expertise from years of coaching and treating and personal experience provide the perfect combo to help clients become the best version of themselves.


Solis Services

Physical Therapy and Strength Training to build and maintain strength while you care for your little humans.


Virtual Evaluation

Where do we start?

An initial evaluation is essential to establishing a starting point. All treatment will begin with an Intake Form and Discovery Call to ensure that Solis is a good fit for your symptoms. Then an evaluation will be preform to assess movement patterns and physical function. A plan of care will be established following the initial evaluation.

Live Virtual Follow-Up

Consistency and Accountability

A gameplan will be put in place following the evaluation. It is up to you to prioritize the home exercise plan. A follow-up will be scheduled to build on the plan from the evaluation. Scheduling a virtual follow-up will leave time to troubleshoot new issues, alter initial home exercise plan, and address any changed to the plan of care. 

This is suggested for clients experiencing pain.

Pre-Recorded Follow-Up

Bigger. Faster. Stronger

Once pain is managed or you feel like we are on course in the right direction, you have the option of pre-recorded follow-up workouts. The session are personalized for each client, but offer flexibility in case time constraints is a barrier to progress. 

This is suggested for busy people who want to progress strengthening and have not has flare-ups and pain in a few weeks.


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